Remote Sensing

For research and monitoring of the environment, cultural and historical sites and natural landmarks, remote sensing is becoming increasingly important. Having a fleet of  UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles: DJI Inspire-1, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4Pro, Parrot Disco PPK) we can offer high quality aerial photography and production of various digital products. .

What remote sensing we offer?


    Aerial photography is a remote sensing method for examining the Earth’s surface by taking images in different areas of the optical spectrum from an airplane or other aircraft.

    The aerial photography for geodetic and cartographic purposes is performed by DJI (Inspire-1, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro) UAV and ground measurements with geodetic GNSS receiver, which allows the determination of photographic centers with centimeter accuracy.

    The photogrammetric processing of the acquired data is carried out in an automated mode with the creation of highly detailed 3D model of the Earth’s surface and relief, automatic classification of dense point clouds (clean Earth surface, separation of buildings, vegetation, roads and other technical objects).

    The results of aerial photography are the following products:

    – Orthophoto plan

    – Dense spatial point cloud

    – DTM – digital relief model

    – DSM – 3D digital surface model

  • Production of orthophoto plan from aerial photography (district)

    DSM – digital surface model (district)

    DSM – digital surface model (recultivated quarry)

    DTM – digital relief model (recultivated quarry)

  • Shooting and 3D modeling of a historical monument

    Construction of vector surfaces of volunteer cross of the monument at Okolchitsa peak in a three-dimensional point cloud


    We perform precise three-dimensional modeling of buildings, cultural, historical and architectural monuments, urban areas and natural landscapes.

    For the creation of accurate 3D models, we use both aerial images from UAV and accurate terrestrial geodetic measurements.

    The three-dimensional models are provided as a dense spatial point cloud, and/or 3D models (3ds,dae, obj, vrml – format)


    We perform aerial surveying for modeling and inspection of buildings, structures and complex structures.

    Inspection of buildings and facilities
    • Buildings, chimneys, warehouses, river corrections, water towers;
    • Shooting of linear and area objects (for cadastral map entry, road reconstruction, large infrastructure sites, etc.)
    • Ground transmission lines and pipelines.
  • Inspection of buildings and complexes

    Inspection of rivers and canals correction