About DavGEO


  • More than 20 years of successful activity

    Cartographic Studio DavGEO is a specialized company in the field of geodesy, cartography, geographic and cartographic information systems, as well as in the production and publishing of printed and presentation advertising materials.
    The company was established in January 1996, initially as ET “DavGEO-D.Dinkov” with activity geodetic survey and design. Since September 2004, the company is registered as “Cartographic Studio DavGEO Ltd” with activity cartographic research and design, GIS and publishing activities.
    The studio has its own developments in the field of three-dimensional cartography – made real 3D models of tourist complexes and natural parks.
    From 2019 we begin to offer mapping and 3D modeling using aerial photogrammetric shooting with UAVs.
    DavGEO holds a certificate for cadastre activities and is certified to EN ISO 9001:2008.

What we are proud of

  • In 2013, for the needs of the District Administration – Gabrovo we developed WEB-GIS of the engineering and social infrastructure for the area entirely with open source software.

    In 2014, we developed and implemented  a multimedia system for touchscreen displays,whit the help of which protected species and territories can be studied and presented with recreating the environment.

  • к.к. Чайка - панорамна карта ДаГЕО - 1999
    In 1999, we created the first panoramic map in Bulgaria made of real 3D digital model of the mapped territory – Chayka resort, Varna.

    We also developed the technology for creating panoramic maps and with the с panoramic map of Sunny Beach resort in 2011 we won first place at the International Cartographic Conference in Paris!

What customers say about us?

  • As an owner and operator of the gas transmission networks and transit of natural gas and underground gas storage, Bulgartransgaz commissioned DavGEO to create a vector map showing both the gas transmission infrastructure of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as of neighboring countries gas transmission operators. The specialists of the company showed high professional skills, paid a lot of attention and resources for the implementation of the set requirements and we receive an excellent final product. During our work they showed great flexibility and understanding to the specific needs of the Client.

    Author's imageEng. Angel Hristov,Bulgartransgaz
  • I would like to express my gratefulness to Eng. Dinkov and his team for the professionalism, dedication and short deadlines in which they prepared the tourist map of the Central Balkan National Park, including GIS database, graphic design and printing. The map is the most popular product issued by the Park Directorate. It is preferred by the tourists and visitors of the protected area.

    Author's imageEng. Gencho IlievDirector of Central Balkan National Park
  • When we saw the beautiful panoramic map of Sunny Beach made by DavGEO, we decide to change our advertising policy. We bet on a branded advertising map specially designed for our company with our investment projects in it. This happened to be much more successful advertisement than the other printed advertisements we have printed. In that way we had excellent maps, advertising and orientation for our customers to the offered hotel and apart-complexes of FORT-NOKS.

    Author's imageVeselin Nishkov,Fort Noks
  • We have used the services of DavGEO since 2004. The company has always been doing excellent, with quality and in time with the activities we have assigned: production of cartographic materials and the accompanying geographic database, digital models; development of touristic maps, creation of 3D models of the relief and buildings; development of educational and advertising printed materials; development of visualization interpretive educational platform and others.
    Our work and communication with the experts from DavGEO was always very professional and this has earned us the confidence to work with them on many projects.

    Author's imageEng Maya Radeva,Director 2003-2015, Natural Park Bulgarka
  • Galaxy Investment Group is leading investments company that invested in, developed and managed a portfolio of successful projects in various categories of real estate.

    We would like to express our excellent impressions from our collaboration with DavGEO. After the quality work of development of advertising maps for our sites, we found that DavGEO is a responsible and long-term partner. The assigned projects were made with great precision, despite of the short deadlines. We highly appreciate the motivation and diligence with which the DavGEO team relates to our projects.

    Author's imageMarieta Karaivanova,Galaxy Investment Group